Experts on the Salton Sea

Salton Sea UCR Experts Emma Aronson: Associate professor of microbiology and plant pathology. Microbiome of the Salton Sea; microbial ecology of dust; wind- transported microorganisms; environmental microbiology; soil microbial ecology. Roya Bahreini: Associate professor of atmospheric science. Aerosol sources and composition; atmospheric processes that generate aerosols; aerosol effects on climate; air quality. Ann...
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Pioneering UC Riverside geoecologist elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Marilyn Fogel, a University of California, Riverside endowed geoecology professor, received one of the highest honors in science this week with her election to the National Academy of Sciences, or NAS. Membership in the NAS is rare. According to the Congressional Research Service, there are 6.9 million scientists in the U.S. However, there are only...
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Measuring greenhouse gases on the go

Two UC Riverside professors are taking to the road to pinpoint sources of air pollution across California. They’ll be traveling in the university’s new Mobile Isotope Laboratory, a Mercedes Benz transport van fitted with a suite of instruments that can measure the flux of greenhouse gases in the environment in real time. The scientists leading...
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Scientists Honored by American Geophysical Union

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — Two scientists at the University of California, Riverside, have been elected fellows of the American Geophysical Union, or AGU, a recognition that honors “scientific eminence in the earth and space sciences.” Marilyn Fogel, the Wilbur W. Mayhew Endowed Chair in Geo-Ecology, and Timothy Lyons, Distinguished Professor of Biogeochemistry, will be honored...
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Summer 2018 CA Ecology & Conservation

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Saving the Salton Sea Event on Feb 28th

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Marilyn Fogel Appointed Inaugural Wilbur W. Mayhew Endowed Chair in Geo-Ecology

Marilyn Fogel, a professor of Earth Sciences, was appointed the inaugural holder of the Wilbur W. Mayhew Endowed Chair in Geo-Ecology at a Nov. 30 symposium and naming ceremony at the Alumni & Visitors Center. The symposium included remarks from Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox, CNAS Dean Kathryn Uhrich, David Oglesby, chair of the Department of...
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Marilyn Fogel selected as the recipient of the Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division Distinguished Career award

Distinguished Career Award Recipient: Marilyn Fogel (UC Riverside)

Welcome to Marilyn Fogel, New EDGE Institute Director

Welcome to Marilyn Fogel, New EDGE Institute Director Marilyn L. Fogel joins the UC Riverside faculty after spending 3.5 years at UC Merced’s new campus where she served as Chair and Professor in the Life and Environmental Sciences faculty unit. Fogel’s career started at the Carnegie Institution of Washington’s Geophysical Laboratory, where she was instrumental...

UC Riverside Develops a Unique Ecological Institute

Global climate and environmental change, and the resulting degradation of ecosystems, pose some of the most serious issues facing society today. While there is consensus among scientists that such change is happening, the coordinated interdisciplinary approach that would point toward solutions is largely missing. UCR’s College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) will be filling...
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