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To bring together interdisciplinary scientists to enable scientific discovery about our changing world, prioritizing the development of just and sustainable solutions to issues involving land, air, water and ecosystems, while educating students, the public, and policymakers.



Edge Geo11 group (c) UCR / CNAS

The challenge facing society today is to balance global change and energy, materials and food resources in a sustainable manner at the planetary scale.  It is a mission of the President of the United States to bring this issue to the forefront of research at our universities and to infuse research monies into this issue. This issue is also at the core of the UCR 2020 Strategic Plan and as a public university we have an obligation to our citizens to meet this challenge. The University of California has a number of initiatives and programs in global climate and environmental change but none truly envelope the scope of the issue from the necessary geological, paleoclimatic and ecosystem science perspective behind the problem which will enable effective solutions and finally to the education of the public through an integrated outreach program.  UCR aims to fill this gap with the EDGE Institute.

EDGE Volcano Field

The topic of Environmental Dynamics and GeoEcology, encompassing the extraordinarily broad issue of global climate and environmental change, truly requires multiple foci and must be understood on the time scales of social science and engineering-one elective term to two generations, environmental and ecological science-decades to thousands of years since the last Ice Age, as the current predicament developed, and geoscience-millions of years of deep time that record Earth responses to several cycles of change in order to evaluate what is manageable and what may be inevitable.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, the focus of the EDGE Institute is to examine life in a changing environment. In particular, we will focus on the fate of carbon, nutrients and water in time and in space.


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