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Geographer’s Scholarship for Global Change Science and Sustainability

Geographer’s Scholarship
for Global Change Science and Sustainability

Geographer's Scholarship

This scholarship supports UCR students in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) pursuing studies leading to an improvement in our understanding of global change processes and/or translating that understanding into recommendations that shape public policy.  We anticipate funding awards ranging in size from $5,000 to $10,000.  Scholarship recipients will be announced at the EDGE Spring Symposium on May 31st.

Applications are due by 5 PM on Friday, May 24th.

Apply Now

The letter of support should be emailed directly to with the subject line “Geographer’s Scholarship Letter of Recommendation”.
If you are experiencing issues or problems, please email Theresa Kane at: (Subject line: Geographer’s Scholarship Application).


How the Scholarship Started

The UCR Geographer’s Scholarship for Global Change Science and Sustainability was initiated in 2021 by six UCR Geography Program graduates of the 1970s, to recognize and commemorate the role UCR played in their 40-year plus professional careers – careers that have been dedicated to understanding the mechanisms of global change and contributing to policies in support of human sustainability. Since then, other Geography alums as well as friends and relatives of alums, have also generously contributed to the scholarship.  The intent is to also support UCR in its quest for excellence among a diverse academic community. Tony speaks for the group when he states: "I credit the breadth of the UCR Geography curriculum and its focus on the many ways that humans perceive and interact with their environment for providing a background that enabled me to develop a professional career spanning the physical, biological, ecological, economic and political dynamics of the natural environment as a science and more broadly as an element of the modern human experience."  View or download information on the six original donors (PDF)

Profiles of the Six Donors Who Founded the Scholarship

The Six Donors Who Founded the Scholarship


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