Welcome to Marilyn Fogel, New EDGE Institute Director

Marilyn L. Fogel joins the UC Riverside faculty after spending 3.5 years at UC Merced’s new campus where she served as Chair and Professor in the Life and Environmental Sciences faculty unit. Fogel’s career started at the Carnegie Institution of Washington’s Geophysical Laboratory, where she was instrumental in founding the field of stable isotope biogeochemistry. She has worked in diverse environments spanning from the high Arctic environment in Svalbard to the tropics of coastal, tropical Belize. Fogel combines fieldwork with laboratory experimental measurements of the light stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur.

Director and Professor Marilyn L. Fogel is developing collaborations and contacts with a diverse group of faculty working in climate and environmental change over deep, historic, and contemporary time scales, including relationships to biogeochemical cycles, paleoecology, climate dynamics, and ecosystem ecology.

She is starting to recruit additional faculty to be affiliated with EDGE and is strengthening interdisciplinary collaborations, developing new funding initiatives, and is fully engaged in the research and teaching mission of the institute and the college. Professor Fogel is a stable isotope ecologist and biogeochemist and is developing an independent and innovative research program exploring the patterns, drivers and/or impacts of climatic and paleoclimatic change in modern and ancient ecosystems.

In addition, Professor Fogel is building the EDGE Institute laboratory to complement facilities already on UCR’s campus. Along with faculty in Environmental Sciences, a suite of laser-based cavity ring down spectrometers have been purchased to measure four of the most significant greenhouse gas concentrations and isotopic compositions in real time. UC Riverside is home to several ThermoFisher isotope ratio mass spectrometers in both the Earth and the Environmental Sciences departments. A first-of-its-kind instrument is being installed at UC Riverside, which will allow researchers to probe intramolecular isotope patterns in organic molecules. The EDGE Institute Laboratory will be open to all students, postdocs, and faculty to develop new interdisciplinary research projects. Marilyn Fogel CV.

Marilyn Fogel in Ethiopia
Marilyn Fogel in Yosemite
Marilyn Fogel in the desert