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Mobile Isotope Laboratory


laser isotope analyzers

EDGE Institute

EDGE Institute has two laser isotope analyzers: one for measuring nitrous oxide nitrogen and oxygen isotopes (LGR) and one for measuring carbon dioxide isotopes and concentrations.










Francesca Hopkins

Assistant Professor, Dr. Francesca Hopkins has her PICARRO Cavity Ringdown Spectrometer which will measure methane isotope composition and concentrations.






Aerosol Mass Spectrometer

Roya Bahreini

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, Dr. Roya Bahreini will be using her mini Time of Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (Aerodyne Research, Inc.) for studying atmospheric particles.





water and water vapor isotope analyzer

Hoori Ajami

Assistant Professor of Groundwater Hydrology, Dr. Hoori Ajami's water and water vapor isotope analyzer (LGR) will measure both oxygen and hydrogen isotopes.






tower for measuring eddy covariance

Darrel Jenerette

Professor and Interim Director for the Conservation Center for Biology Darrel Jenerette is contributing a trailer including a tower for measuring eddy covariance. Darrel also is contributing an LGR Instrument for measuring nitrous oxide concentrations.

LGR Instrument
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